3 Keys For Natural Retailer Success

You know, blogs always have to have a simple list to get attention, so I thought I would give it a try! If you have clicked on this blog, thank you! Now, let's get to it.

Health & wellness in the United States is a giant issue. A recent CDC report outlined that:

  • 66 Million in the US are deficient in vitamin D

  • 30 Million are deficient in vitamin B6

  • 18 Million have vitamin B12 deficiency

  • 15 Million have low serum vitamin C

In addition:

  • 2 of 3 adults and 1 of 3 children are obese

  • 21% of annual medical spending or $190 Bil is spent every year on obesity related illness

  • The list goes on and on...

I think we would all agree that nutrition is very core to health and that we can link so many issues in our country to nutritional issues. So, what are we doing about it?

Well, at MegaFood we envision a world without nutritional poverty. Nutritional "poverty" (simply the state of being insufficient in amount) affects most people in the U.S. regardless of gender, age, or even income.

Key to this vision is support for natural retailers - you know, the local health food store. Why is that? Natural retailers:

  • Have informed staff that you can actually talk to about wellness

  • Offer a wide selection of mission-driven, clean brands to choose from

  • Promote educational events and wellness support for the community

You may not know but the natural retailer is facing major challenges today! Mass players like grocery, club stores and drug are moving in - often with less focus on the intention of educating the customer. The internet is starting to pull sales away from these retailers, making it harder for them to stay committed to the model that makes them great. Natural retailers are at a real inflection point where the approaches that got them to where they are today are not going to get them to where they need to go.

So, we thought we would try to help. That's when the ZingMojo Summit was born! Watch this video to learn more:

So, back to those 3 keys for natural retailer success:

  1. Identify the stories we are telling ourselves that aren't helping - the ones that are holding us back

  2. Know the real story - it is important to operate from a place of facts

  3. Envision the story we want to make - let's have a practical vision for how natural retailers can differentiate, compliment new approaches and maintain their status as the centers for wellness in their communities

Only then can we work together to execute against an inspired vision!

Tune in to ZingMojo.com August 4-5 to see what we are up to for yourself! I am so psyched about this event and can't wait to share the outcomes with each of you.

Have questions? Feel free to write me at ceo@megafood.com. I truly hope you will join our conversation on how to maintain the natural retailers as centers for health & wellness in their communities - an effort that is vital to the health of our country.

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