First Annual ZingMojo Summit to Inject New Thinking and Best Practices into Natural Products Industr

At FoodState we like to say, “It’s fun to change the world.” On August 4 – 5, we’re taking this thought to unparalleled heights by inviting some of the best and brightest minds in the natural products industry to New Hampshire for the first annual ZingMojo Summit.

First of all, let me say this is not going to be your typical conference. You know, talking heads, passive listening, scripted breakfasts and lunches, and modest takeaways.

No, we’ve set our sights on far, far greater goals. In fact, this summit proposes nothing less than the rebranding and repositioning of our industry for a rapidly changing future. And to meet these goals, we’re asking mass market, Amazon, storytelling/best-practice experts, and some of the most creative natural retail talent in the country to roll up their sleeves for a couple of days and inspire each other to create real solutions for keeping the natural retailer at the center of health and wellness in their communities.

If this sounds ambitious, let me assure you it is—very much so! Yes, we’ll tackle topics such as price and margin impact, staff, mission orientation, trust and transparency, and community building. But we’ll treat these topics within the larger strategic context of questions we have to address if we’re to remain relevant to the national conversation about health and wellness.

These questions include:

  • Can we elevate the discussion so that our industry story is about our central role in combating nutritional poverty in the U.S. and beyond?

  • Can we imagine a natural products industry in which the vastly different business models employed by natural and mass retail complement each other rather than compete at cross-purposes?

  • Can natural retailers learn how to monetize their services in ways that stabilize their profits over time and meet growing consumer demand for high-quality experiences as well as products?

  • Can brick and mortar stores transform themselves to compete in an age when everybody wants to be able to buy anything, anywhere, at anytime?

As you may surmise, I believe the answer to all of the above is “yes.” What’s more, I think we need to articulate our answers sooner rather than later.

But what are your thoughts on all of this? Am I thinking about our industry in a way that syncs up with your experience? If you could ask those at the summit to come away with a single idea or best practice that you could implement tomorrow, what would it be?

Please share your thoughts at!

There’s an old saying that those who control the narrative, control the future. Isn’t it time to write ourselves into the future as we understand it?

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