Robert U. Craven

Meet Robert Craven: CEO of FoodState, a company that has been mastering the art of whole food supplements since 1973 through its MegaFood and INNATE Response brands.

Since joining FoodState in May 2011, Robert’s mission as CEO has been simple – support the company’s mission of improving lives by staying true to the intention of food. In a word – it’s about being “real”. From spearheading the company’s Big T Transparency efforts, a movement focused on building trust with consumers through bold measures that give unprecedented access to behind the scenes of the company, to endorsing internal initiatives like the company’s active Culture Club and paid time off for volunteers, Robert is a leader who is deeply focused on making a difference in the lives of others. At FoodState, Robert has found what he likes to call his “sweet spot,” and values a role that allows him the opportunity to change the world, one improved life at a time. Not only is he transforming the way FoodState earns the trust of consumers, but he’s also a proponent for positive change throughout the supplements industry.

You can follow Robert’s journey at FoodState via social media– he contributes regularly to his LinkedIn page, shares extensively on Twitter, @RobertUCraven, and you can often find him live streaming company happenings on Periscope. Learn more about Robert at

Ashley Larochelle

Meet Ashley Larochelle: Vision Activation Manager of FoodState, a company that has been mastering the art of whole food supplements since 1973 through its MegaFood and INNATE Response brands. Ashley serves as the Webmaster for Support Natural Retail as well as the Master of Ceremonies for the Annual ZingMojo Summit.

About Us

We believe that the rise of mass retailers (grocery, drug, club, big box) offering natural products is good on the one hand, but very bad on the other. As mass gets bigger and grows faster than the core natural retailers that built the natural industry, the credibility of our industry suffers.

MegaFood has launched this site to support a conversation that helps combat "mass slippage" - we invite all voices in the natural community to join in, share best-practices, support one another as we do all we can to support an industry that is critical to promoting health & wellness and providing credible, reliable information to consumers. 

Together, we can all help consumers understand the value of supporting your local natural retailer.